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Now we can offer to our students our B&B.For more info: www.indonesianbahasa-bnb.com 

Social-cultural visa sponsorship:

What is a social-cultural visa?
A social-cultural visa is a visa provided only for people who intend to study more than 30 days in Indonesia. This visa is normally valid for a maximum six months stay in Indonesia. Some Indonesian embassies will only allow a 5 months visa.

How to get a Social/Cultural visa.
In order to get this visa you must have an Indonesian person/institution who is willing to be your sponsor. A letter from you sponsor is one of the main documents required by the Indonesian Embassy in order to apply for a Social/Cultural visa.

How to get the Sponsorship Letter from Seminyak Language School
Seminyak Language School will provide a Sponsorship Letter for students who intend to study 100 hours or more. By providing a sponsorship , Seminyak Language School guarantees to Indonesian government that you will only use the visa for study at Seminyak Language School and not for any other purposes.  For this Seminyak Language School reserves the right to reject your sponsorship letter request. The steps you must follow are the following:

  • First you must complete the Registration/Enrollment form and Visa Sponsorship form request   and pay 100 hours Course and the Registration fee.
  • After we receive all these documents and the payment, we will supply the Sponsorship Letter. You must bring the Sponsorship Letter with the other required documents  by the Indonesian Embassy in order to start the process.

 Most Indonesian Embassies provide a 60-day Social-Cultural Visa; but, some embassies only provide 30-day visa. If you want to stay longer you have to extend your visa 10 days before the expiration date.