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At the end of the course is a certificate issued ?

Yes, at the end of the course a certificate is issued and it shows the duration of the course.

If I suspend the course for any reason may I complete the remaining hours at another time ?

Yes of course you can . You can divide your course to fit your schedule.

Which languages do you teach at your school ?

At our school we teach Indonesian, English, French, and Italian.

Are the classes offered just in the morning ?

The classes are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening. Morning classes start at 9 am.

How many hours in a day can we study ?

We offer different options:

  • Leisure: 2 hours daily
  • Normal: 3 hours daily
  • Intensive: 4 hours daily
  • But, to meet special needs, we can offer more options.

How many levels of courses do you have?

We have 7 levels of courses, from beginners to advanced level.

Where do the teachers come from? Are they Balinese ?

Our teachers are all Indonesian native speakers and they are from different islands in Indonesia (Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, etc..)

What is your method of teaching to the students ?

About 75% of the course is conversational.

Do you provide reading materials ?

Yes, we provide different reading and writing material for each different level. Every student is provided with a dictionary as well.